Club Info

How does this work? A love for triathlon and a healthy lifestyle is what we all have in common.

Triathlon is the fastest growing sport in America. Why? Maybe it is so popular because it requires cross training across several disciplines. Many people come in with a focus on one area, but have to learn the others. This fact also helps build the camaraderie (and humility) among triathletes!

Our club's goals include the following

1. Promote the sport of triathlon in the Michiana area for all ages and levels

2. Encourage fitness and health within the club and the community

3. Support each other in pursuing and achieving individual goals

4. Offer special membership benefits

We emphasize #3 above. We strive to provide a forum where triathletes of all ages and ability levels can associate with others who share an interest in our sport. Triathlon is an individual event, and everyone does it for different reasons. Some are shooting to win races, while others do it for the love of the healthy lifestyle the sport promotes. Whatever the reason, we look to encourage and support the personal goals of everyone in the club.

Our group meets monthly during the “off season” , typically September-May, usually third Thursday of the month in the evening.

We usually invite a guest speaker to address topics relevant to all triathletes. Speakers have given lessons on training, nutrition, and bike maintenance, among other things.

During the three summer months, formal meetings aren't held, as folks are training, racing, taking vacations, etc. We do have an email listserv that has been a great tool to keep members in touch, and we see each other frequently throughout the summer at races and organized training events.

Please join us if you want to make new friends and achieve your goals!